Standard Spreader Hammock

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Please note: Machine dyed colours have a solid or 1-tone finish whilst Crush dyed colours have a mottled or 2-tone finish.


Please note: The patterns are hand painted, so there will be slight variations in the final product.


Product Description

This versatile hammock has been carefully designed to give that open feeling whilst still being very secure. It really is the perfect balance – not too flat and unstable yet still remaining open. A sleeve is sewn in on each end of the hammock that contains a removable tube – ideal for easy washing or if the traditional hammock feel is required occasionally. The inner tube bends in the centre which allows the hammock to stay open.

Our hammocks are all packaged with 2 lengths of 7mm white nylon ski rope and 2x12mm carabine hooks (included in the price). This allows for easy installation and removal of the hammock.

The fabric is non-stretch box-weave cotton canvas, thereby ensuring maximum strength and durability.

The rope is made from braided cotton cord in a natural colour.

The hammocks are individually hand-dyed using bio-degradable dyes of a high quality. The colour is locked in and does not wash off.

The hammocks can be washed in cold water and contain washing instructions on the label.

Product Dimensions

Width: ±1.40m
Length: ±3.20m
Weight: ±3.00kg
Weight Capacity: ±200.00kg


Excluding shipping

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